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It’s 9:45pm and you are supposed to be in landing in New York City in one hour on a romantic week away with an amazing person you met online. Instead, you are sitting in the airport departure lounge, playing “Words with Friends” on Facebook for the 5th consecutive hour.
15-11-2017  |  Read More >

You’re all packed for your Costa del Sol holiday and you can’t wait to sink your toes in the sand and breathe in the sea air. There you are in the airport; killing time in the departure lounge, picking out a book from the bestsellers shelf, when an announcement echoes through the hall that stops you in your tracks.
13-11-2017  |  Read More >

Airlines owe millions in compensation to passengers who have experienced a flight delay or flight cancellation in the past 10 years. Although airlines are legally responsible for informing you of your rights, many people are still unclear about when they can make a claim.
08-11-2017  |  Read More >

Right now, at this very moment, there are passengers stranded at an airport somewhere in the world after a long flight delay. They are supposed to be on a beach, sipping cocktails and watching their children play in the sand. Instead, they are breathing in the stale air of the airport lounge.
30-10-2017  |  Read More >

Flight delays and flight cancellations can be disastrous for people. We hear stories all the time of travellers who missed weddings or funerals, the birth of a child, festivals, concerts, and family reunions. These are ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences and no amount of money can compensate you for missing out.
23-10-2017  |  Read More >

When passenger rights came into force on 17 February 2005, it introduced a big headache for the airline industry. Suddenly, passengers were able to assert their rights in court and claim compensation of up to €600 for flight delays and flight cancellations.
13-10-2017  |  Read More >

The joy of travelling is all about the destination – the flight is simply a way to get from A to B, right? That’s how we think when we book flights. We search the internet for the lowest fares and snap them up as quickly as we can.
21-09-2017  |  Read More >

Autumn is a fantastic time to travel, especially if you love city breaks. The streets will be all yours; you will breeze freely into museums and attractions without joining a queue, eat at world-class restaurants without a reservation, travel on public transportation without melting and relish the crowd-free shopping experience.
05-09-2017  |  Read More >

Are you sitting comfortably? Or, to put it another way, are you missing out on the opportunity of standing in an airline queue? To queue, or not to queue, that is the question I know this sounds preposterous. Nobody wants to stand in a queue, right?
29-08-2017  |  Read More >

Let’s say you’ve got two weeks off. Life is short, holidays are precious and you want to take in as many sights as you can in those 2 weeks. What is the very best sightseeing tours destination? Well, it depends on what you want to see of course!
23-08-2017  |  Read More >

Airplanes are astonishing; they are built to keep us aloft through a range of weather conditions. Despite this, the weather is often cited by airlines as the reason for flight delays and cancellations. Here are the most common ways weather can throw our trip off course.
08-08-2017  |  Read More >

A witty person once said; "If 'Plan A' doesn't work, there are 25 other letters of the alphabet." Unfortunately, when it comes to air travel, it can be very costly to scrap Plan A. If you can't board your flight at the prescribed time, the financial consequences are usually bad for you.
01-08-2017  |  Read More >

Sometimes, when it comes to flight delays and cancelled flights, it may feel like your airline has taken their motto straight from Jay-Z’s song lyrics. “I’ve got 99 problems, but your trip ain’t one.”And hilariously, you are somewhat right – there are 99 standard IATA codes.
25-07-2017  |  Read More >

Many people suffer with anxiety and according to one study, 6 per cent of the world´s population feel particularly worried about travelling by airplane. Although flying is a necessary form of travel for many people across Europe and the United States,
24-07-2017  |  Read More >

Are you sitting comfortably, with your legs outstretched and a mug of coffee in hand? Or maybe you are reading this in the moonlight, sipping cava after a lovely meal of mandarin oriental roast chicken with braised cannellini beans.
20-07-2017  |  Read More >

You’re in the taxi on the way to the airport, watching another plane rise into the sky. Your stomach churns as you imagine the helpless passengers peeking out of those tiny windows, trapped in that aluminium tube, at the mercy of the pilot, miles above ground.
17-07-2017  |  Read More >

We can all agree that a flight delay of any sort can ruin your trip. We’ve written several blogs about flight delay compensation, flight cancelation compensation and more importantly, your rights as a passenger.
05-07-2017  |  Read More >

Are you afraid to fly? Perhaps you are one of those people who can’t even go near an airport? The fear of flying is very real, and for some of those affected the fear is so intense that they turn to drugs or alcohol to make the journey less traumatic.
27-06-2017  |  Read More >

All over the world there are airports more or less easy to operate by a airplane. But this list includes the ten most difficult to land. Some are really breathtaking when the final approach begins. If there is runway...
22-06-2017  |  Read More >

Recently, British Airways faced major problems due to their IT system crashing. This unfortunate disruption led to thousands of passengers having their plans ruined when all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick were cancelled.
07-06-2017  |  Read More >

Airports don’t always have to be about the long queues, sometimes over bearing security checks or running from one end to another to make your flight. Some of the world’s most famous international airports want to impress you with their architecture, retail shops and art.
26-05-2017  |  Read More >

The holiday season is upon us and it´s time to book your next trip, if you haven´t already. Perhaps you’re a student planning on travelling throughout Europe? Or wondering where to take your spouse for a romantic weekend getaway? Or a family, working out how to budget your annual holiday?
19-05-2017  |  Read More >

Can we really characterize the personal traits of air passengers? It might seem a bit stereotypical, but if you’re a frequent flier than you´ll probably have met some of these interesting or slightly odd people on a flight. Many of us who frequently fly have a strange story to share; most of the time this involves the passenger seated next to us or visible across the aisle.
12-05-2017  |  Read More >

If you’re a frequent flier, you might have noticed things getting a little more cramped on your flight. You’re not imaging things – airline seats are generally getting smaller. Today, more and more people are taking to the skies and this means airlines want to keep up with the demand. This however, comes at a price to our comfort.
08-05-2017  |  Read More >

Technical problems led to a delay of more than three hours and the airline did not inform these passengers on their rights.- A family of three experienced a nightmare when travelling back from a relaxing holiday. Travelling from Berlin, Germany to Lisbon, Portugal the family experienced a bad flight experience,
21-04-2017  |  Read More >

Have you ever wondered how hurricanes get their names? There was a time when hurricanes were named only after women, but have you ever wondered why? In today’s blog we are going to take a look back in time to discover how names became attached to hurricanes and which ones have officially been retired and why.
17-04-2017  |  Read More >

Everyone has a bad day once in a while, especially in the customer service industry. Flight attendants are no different and their service is contained to what seems like a tin can. Even though a flight attendants job sounds glamorous, we know for a fact it can sometimes be a very hectic lifestyle. The hours alone or pulling double shifts go beyond your average job description considering some of those long hauls across oceans.
12-04-2017  |  Read More >

Just imagine for a moment the perks that come with being a flight attendant – one of the biggest being seeing the world from a birds’ eye view, and of course paying very little for vacations or paying nothing at all. It is indeed an adventurous life for flight attendants, but it can also hold plenty of challenges as well.
10-04-2017  |  Read More >

If you’re a fitness buff, then you know there’s no stopping with exercise even when on holiday. A holiday can be just that – a holiday – or it can also be a great opportunity to cleanse and get fit while touring other countries and cultures. Regardless, fitness for most of us is highly addictive, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. So, when it’s time for a holiday, you want to be able to at least continue with your exercise routine.
23-03-2017  |  Read More >

You’ve likely heard the old story, where boy meets girl and they fall in love. It usually starts the same and their courtship leads to marriage then family, then possibly divorce. We have to admit that these events happen far too often in today’s very busy society. If we look at respective careers of the loving couple, you can always pinpoint where something might have gone wrong.
17-03-2017  |  Read More >

In our blogs we try to keep you as informed as possible when it comes to flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation. In almost every case, we use the EU’s own laws and regulations to give you peace of mind and show you exactly what you might be entitled to for a financial return. But have you ever wondered how the major airlines keep you informed?
13-03-2017  |  Read More >

EU regulations over the past few years have changed quite a bit and we’re willing to bet you don’t know or have been ill informed. Only last year in 2016 more regulations were enforced due to major airlines saying or claiming anything to squirm out of paying any sort of flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation.
07-03-2017  |  Read More >

It’s actually quite amazing how the world’s most popular airlines will do everything in their power to deny flight cancellation claims. Instead of owning up or taking any responsibility, it seems they would rather come up with more creative excuses to avoid the possibility of paying out on those pesky flight cancellation claims. Here, we list the top 5 excuses used by airlines and how you can beat them.
27-02-2017  |  Read More >

Your fate is determined by the seat you take on the airplane. According to a study by Time Magazine, the rear third of the plane is the safest place to sit and you’re more likely to survive if you sit in the middle, rather than the aisle.
24-02-2017  |  Read More >

There you are in your socks, with your most valuable possessions rattling around in a plastic tub. You pass through the metal detector, coaxed through by the most powerful people in the airport. Have you remembered to remove all the liquids and sharp or dangerous objects from your bag? Are you completely, absolutely, positively certain of this?
21-02-2017  |  Read More >

Corfu is a small Greek island blanketed with olive trees and surrounded by cobalt blue waters. It´s a holiday destination which offers sunshine and tranquillity, plus a well preserved Old Town, with churches, monasteries and fortresses from the 15th century.
17-02-2017  |  Read More >

We have earned our wings, racking up many thousands of miles in air travel around the world. Seasoned travellers like us have secrets – we know how to duck and dive through the airport. And because you’ve stopped by to read this blog, we’re going to reward you with a short guided meditation; a daydream of your next journey through the airport. You will remember all these tips for your next trip, because we are planting them deep in your consciousness; you’re welcome.
08-02-2017  |  Read More >

There you are in the departure lounge, sipping a cappuccino and waiting for your 7:35pm flight out, when suddenly those dreaded words appear in red on the screen – flight delayed. Flight delays happen every day. Shake off those feelings of helplessness, because now is the time for you to spring into action.
07-02-2017  |  Read More >

Believe it or not there are more than 10, but we’re going to avoid the more silly questions like “what’s on a ham and cheese sandwich”, or “can you fly lower because my wife is afraid of heights” and just get to the really good ones.
31-01-2017  |  Read More >

Nobody likes flight delays. They can put a serious damper on your travel plans and in many cases can cause havoc, especially in case of emergencies and to top it all, many travellers remain unaware of their rights (Gate28 can assist with this). But news is coming from an unlikely source, which might just stop flight delays for good.
25-01-2017  |  Read More >

We know what you´re thinking: why me? Why was I bumped from my seat of the flight, my plans thrown into the air?
20-01-2017  |  Read More >

We’ve compiled a rather unique list of tidbits for your next flying adventure. A collection of things you might not know about flying, direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak.
16-12-2016  |  Read More >

At Gate28 we take our blog rather seriously, but only in ways that help promote awareness about flight delay compensation, or infuse a little fun into our readers daily lives. We love talking air travel, and today we’ve got a special one to share with you.
16-12-2016  |  Read More >

The Irish carrier, Ryanair has taken it upon themselves to change the rules about flight cancellation compensation or flight delay compensation. As it stands now, they are in direct violation of current EU regulations.
17-11-2016  |  Read More >

There are many questions around code sharing between airlines. For example, what is code sharing anyway? Will code sharing affect me when I am flying or planning to fly? What does code sharing have to do with flight delay compensation or flight cancellation compensation? Today in our blog, we will answer all of these questions and more, and finally get to the bottom of the mystery around code sharing among airlines.
12-10-2016  |  Read More >

Throughout our blog, we wish to keep you as informed as possible about your rights when it comes to flight delays compensation or flight cancellation compensation and more. Recently across Europe, there have been several strikes, which included air traffic controllers, and baggage handling. This of course caused a lot of delays and many reached out to us to find out whether flight delay compensation was warranted.
29-09-2016  |  Read More >

If you’re a frequent flyer who loves to travel or you’re in the type of business that takes you around the world, then you might already be an expert on how to survive long haul flights. For those of you taking that long haul flight for the very first time you should prepare yourself, and learn how to avoid any uncomfortable situations. But don’t panic, there are a few “cheats” that you can use to make your journey bearable.
22-09-2016  |  Read More >

Our little bundles of fur mean the absolute world to us, and leaving them behind while on a long vacation can be heart breaking. That’s why many of us animal lovers will look into ways to take our pets with us abroad.
25-08-2016  |  Read More >

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your travel destination and realising you forgot to pack something. Even more so, you might have forgotten to pack something for your kids! That panicky feeling you’ve got, well, you’re not alone.
10-08-2016  |  Read More >

When it comes to one long delay at the airport you can depend on security lines. Delayed flights and flight compensation for flight delays are a heck of a lot easier to handle than security sometimes. But, by following a few simple rules and tips and getting prepared before going through security at an airport, you can save yourself a lot of hassle.
04-08-2016  |  Read More >

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