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Gate28– successful flight claims for delayed flights and cancellations

Gate28 serves as a bridge between Regulation and Compensation designed to help passengers get the airline compensation they deserve – fast!

Gate28 works for you on two levels; firstly we make sure that you understand your legal right to receive flight compensation under EU Regulation EC 261 / 2004. Secondly, we claim the compensation for flight delays, cancellation and denied boarding on your behalf. All you have to do is to tell us your flight number, travel date and a few other details, and we’ll work on your behalf to expedite a successful flight claim. What’s more, you won’t pay anything until your flight delay claim has been won, when we’ll simply deduct 30% of the total flight compensation before you receive it into your account.


Why do you need Gate28?

Gate28 in association with EUclaim which covers half of the flights throughout the EU, gives you access to an extensive database compiled by evaluating over 13 million items of flight, weather and sociopolitical information every day, and legal knowledge that neither you nor your solicitor will have access to. These statistics allow Gate28 to instantly assess your eligibility for flight delay compensation and whether the airlines can avoid payment due to “exceptional circumstances” such as industrial action, extreme weather and technical faults (although this is a grey area).

Even when your legal position is undisputed airlines will often try to reject claims when individuals present their case. Having helped hundreds of thousands of air passengers win compensation for flight delays, when Gate28 gets involved the airlines take notice.

We also make the process of claiming compensation for delayed flights completely hassle free by managing all of the flight delay compensation paperwork, collecting vital irrefutable data in support of your case, and if necessary, we’ll even take the airline to court to make sure you get the payment you are entitled to.

How much will it cost?

Gate28 will fight for your right for airline compensation on a no-win no-fee basis, which means our service is not only effective, it is also completely financially risk free.

Once Gate28 has won your case, we will withhold 30% from your compensation to cover our services. You will not be charged any hidden costs, even if we have to go to court to ensure a successful flight claim.

No upfront costs – no-win no-fee
No hidden costs for solicitors
Commission of 30% once your flight compensation has been paid

Sit back relax and wait for your money – Gate28 have got it covered!

EU Regulation EC 261/2004

In February 2004 the EU introduced regulation which clearly states your rights and the airlines’ obligation to pay compensation in the event your flight is delayed, cancelled or you are denied boarding, so long as there are no ‘exceptional circumstances’.

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Know your passenger rights
Based on EU legislation you could be entitled up to €600 per passenger from the airline regardless of the price of your flight ticket.
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Please visit our FAQ section on our website here for any questions you might have about your claims, about Gate28, our no-win, no-fee policy or to learn about the EC Regulation 261/2004. 
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