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Based on EU legislation you could be entitled up to €600 per
passenger from the airline regardless of the price of your
flight ticket.
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Flight Delay Compensation - What are your passenger rights?

It’s simple… if your flight is delayed, cancelled or you are denied boarding, under EU Regulation 261 /2004 you are entitled to claim flight compensation from the airline – and they are obliged to pay it. What isn’t so easy is actually making the airlines pay, but you don’t need to worry, Gate28 can help you to make a successful flight claim.

Passenger rights under EU Regulation 261/2004

Under the EU regulation air passengers are entitled to compensation for delayed flights of 125€ up to as much as 600€ per person if your flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding (irrespective of the price of the ticket). The legislation clearly outlines that the carrier has an obligation to pay flight compensation, unless the delay or cancellation was due to “extraordinary circumstances” and therefore out of the airlines’ control.

The legislation entitles you to flight delay compensation if you are:

Departing from any airport in the EU
Arriving in the EU with an EU, Icelandic, Swedish or Norwegian airline

Air carrier’s responsibility to passengers

In the event of long delays (2 hours for flights under 3500kms and 4 hours for longer flights) or cancelled flights, the airline must inform you of your rights under the EU regulation. They are also obliged to tell you the reason if you are denied boarding.

Gate28’s hassle free airline compensation claim process

Unfortunately, most flight delay claims lodged by individual air passengers are rejected by the airlines, often by citing “extraordinary circumstances”. The airlines get away with this because they know that individual customers don’t have access to vital data or specialist legal services that can force the airlines to pay flight delay compensation. When Gate28 makes a claim the airlines listen, as they know that we have the experience, know-how and the resources to prove your case and if necessary to take them to court.

How much flight compensation will you get?

Gate28 can tell you instantly if you are entitled to compensation. If you are eligible we’ll pursue your claim vigorously, fighting on your behalf to achieve a successful flight claim of up to 600€ per person.

Flight compensation table:

Delay arriving at final destination
after rebooking or re-routing
Flight distance
  Flight compensation
after more than 3 hours delay
Within EU Outside EU
Delayed flights 250€ per person
400€ per person
600€ per person
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Over 3500km
Cancelled flights 250€ per person
400€ per person
600€ per person
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Over 3500km
Denied boarding 250€ per person
400€ per person
600€ per person
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Up to 1500km
Above 1500km
Over 3500km

You will not receive compensation if:

Flight delays or cancelled flights are caused by “extraordinary circumstances”
You were informed 2 weeks in advance before your departure date
You were offered an alternative flight with a similar schedule

Gate28 will fight for your right to receive flight compensation and we’ll get results – fast!

Don’t miss out; find out if you are eligible now!

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* No-win no-fee. You only pay us 30% commission on compensation awarded if Gate28 was successful.
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